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Loyall Pet Food– Food is fuel. Without a top of line dog food, you’re going nowhere. Loyall Pet Food is what powers all our athletes. The dogs love it, and it provides the energy and power needed to keep our dogs running through the end of the day.

Dogtra– When it comes to e-collars Dogtra is what we use. With the state of the art technology and extended battery life, I am training dogs while others are waiting for their collars to charge. Corrections are constant and on the spot–no more waiting or hoping that dogs receive their corrections.


Yeti Cooler– When I am at a test the last thing I want to worry about is the ice in the cooler. With Yeti coolers, there are no worries. The best cooler on the market


K9 Contenders– Driving the next generation of information, where Sporting Dog Lovers and Sporting Dog Professionals meet to share everything there is to share about dogs and dog training.


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